Jubrail (Hive Bee)
09-10-02 23:58
No 355015
      Natural Benzaldehyde Oil?  Bookmark   

A source has listed Natural Benzaldehyde Oil.  Before calling and asking rather-avoided questions, I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered this product anywhere?  Is it something that could be used to obtain synthesis grade benaldehyde via fractional distillation?

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(Hive Addict)
09-11-02 00:56
No 355037
      swim thinks he may have seen said source, it ...  Bookmark   

swim thinks he may have seen said source, it lists the others- why not check bp's, that should help a bit.

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(Hive Bee)
09-11-02 01:24
No 355048
      Don't quite understand  Bookmark   

The source listed the others?  I'm sorry GOD, but I don't understand what others you are referring too; I also don't know where I could get the bp of "Benzaldehyde Oil"; it's not listed on chemfinder.  Please pm if clarification needs to be private.

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