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09-12-02 06:26
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The researchers of the Rhône Poulenc laboratories have discovered levofacetoperane (Lidepran) when they were searching for amphetamine like substances that don't have the indesirable sympathicotonic effects.
Lidepran is a CNS stimulant, it has a stimulant effect on animals that is not followed by a phase of depression.  It activates the mental faculties and the memory.
It reinforces the analgesic effects of morphine.
In combination with neuroleptics, it diminishes their toxicity and reinforces their action.
It can be used to combat depressions.

I wonder why it isn't available any more in France.  Mabey it 's too much fun.

The synthesis can be found in US patent 2,928,835

Tabacco is bad for your health.  Smoke weed. wink
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09-12-02 06:39
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      What is the exact structure?  Bookmark   

What is the exact structure? The ones in the patent looks almost exactly like Ritalin (methylphenidate) to me.
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09-12-02 07:13
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      Well, it's the reverse esther of ritaline.  Bookmark   

Well, it's the reverse esther of ritaline.


Ritaline: pip-CH(CO-O-CH3)-Ph
Levofacetoperane: pip-CH(O-CO-CH3)-Ph

with pip = 2-piperidyl

I have only the French chemical name: (-)-Acétate de [Phényl (pipéridyl-2) méthyle]-(R* - R*)

It's structure (III) of the patent.

My ref. for this molecule is: Dorvault, L' Officine, 23 th ed., p 996
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09-12-02 08:15
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      Registry Number: 24558-01-8 CA Index Name: ...  Bookmark   

Registry Number: 24558-01-8

CA Index Name: 2-Piperidinemethanol, a-phenyl-, acetate (ester), (aR,2R)-rel-(-)- (9CI) 

Other Names: 2-Piperidinemethanol, a-phenyl-, acetate (ester), (R*,R*)-(-)-; Levofacetoperane; Levophacetoperane; Phacetoperane

Formula: C14 H19 N O2

Some info in French here.

MINERVA MEDICA  (1964 OCT 31),  55 3473-6. 
ISSN:0026-4806.  Italy  Journal  written in Italian.
Supplementary Terms
antidepressive agents; appetite depressants; pharmacology; psychopharmacology; sympathomimetics; toxicologic report