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09-12-02 12:25
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      Nitrostyrene reduction  Bookmark   

Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 35, Issue 48, 28 November 1994, Pages 9099-9100


Okay - what can we do with a phenylacetohydroximoyl chloride, which is the product in this rxn?
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09-12-02 12:53
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      Convert it into a nitrile?  Bookmark   

Convert it into a nitrile?

I'm not fat just horizontally disproportionate.
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09-12-02 14:49
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      seems to me there's got to bee an easy way to ...  Bookmark   

seems to me there's got to bee an easy way to amphetamine from that.

Check these out.
Tetrahedron  (1999),  55(34),  10497-10510.
Tetrahedron Letters  (1998),  39(20),  3233-3236. 
Tetrahedron Letters  (1996),  37(35),  6407-6408.
Patent EP414391
Patent WO9523793

Read and Listen!!!  http://www.zmag.org/chomsky/index.cfm
09-19-02 13:22
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      I believe that the product of the oximinyl ...  Bookmark   

I believe that the product of the oximinyl chloride and acetylene, the oxazole would be interesting

something sorta kinda like what you get by cyclizing eph with cyanogen bromide but wrapped around the other way

(forgive me, please as I am on vacation and away from my resources)

but generally cyclic str's (ifn they fit are better yes?)  bind better lower entropy and all that

but that is just rampant speculation tongue
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09-19-02 13:25
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  nitrostyrenes ---> phenylnitroethanes Bookmark  Edit  Reply 

J. Chem Soc, Perkin Transactions 1,1998, p. 501-4

Mechanism of the yeast mediated reduction of nitrostyrenes in light petroleum
McAnda, Roberts, Smallridge, Ten and Trewhella.
Too good to be true?
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09-19-02 17:41
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      Nitrostyrene to phenylnitroethene using yeast  Bookmark   

Psycosmo: See for yourself, that article is available at http://www.rsc.org/CFmuscat/intermediate_abstract.cfm?FURL=/ej/P1/1998/I9706353.PDF

If you UTFSE for "yeast reduction", you will find this topic discussed before among the 55 hits.
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09-19-02 18:43
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Guess I let my exctiment get the better of me