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09-14-02 05:02
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  What's up folks?! I just found a long forgotten patent on my hardrive, and thought some of you might be interested. The precursors are probably a bitch to make, but the finished product isn't controlled.

Anaesthetic Agents - GB766870
"The present invention is an improvement in or modification of the invention of Application No 34943/53 (Serial No 764,958), and provides a process for the manufacture of anaesthetic agents possessing outstanding properties by building up, according to methods known per se, compounds of the general formula:NH.CO-a O Ikylene-N, C-X (wherein X is a halogen substituent, the naphthalene nucleus may contain further substituents or may be hydrogenated in 54-6-7-8-positions, R is hydrogen, alkyl, aralkyl or cycloalkyl, RI alkyl, aralkyl or cycloalkyl and the alkyl residues, if present, may be linked to each other directly or by means of a hetero atom) and converting these compounds into their salts or quaternary ammonium compounds."

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09-15-02 02:16
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Does anybody have comments on quality of product?  (how fun is it?)
(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
09-15-02 20:58
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  There are a number of patents I have kicking around. I'd be willing to put money into synthing them, but the precursors are hard to find or make.
October 25, 2000
2-Cyclohexyl Benzimidazole NMDA/NR2B Antagonists

Novel 4-substituted cyclohexanes substituted in the 1-position with 2-benzimidazoles, 2-imidazopyridines, or 4-imidazoles either directly or through a C.sub.1 -C.sub.4 alkyl, cycloalkyl, hydroxyalkyl, alkoxy or aminoalkyl chain are effective as NMDA NR2B antagonists useful for relieving pain.

U.S. Patent References:
Method of manufacture of basic ethers
(stated to have antihistaminic, spasmolytic and anaesthetic properties.)
Patent Number: GB686004
Publication date: 1953-01-14 
Applicant: Spofa Spojene Farmaceuticke Zd
  Very frustrating, but...Actually, there is no bright side to that situation. Fuck it, there are plenty of other

Love my country, fear my government.