psytech (Stranger)
09-21-02 07:10
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I have to assume that the synth on Rhodium pages uses
MeAm.Hcl. I would like to know how all of you Wonderous Wizards missed that small detail,on  such a great write up. Thanks

ps. I have some nitromethane also, if any one wants ittongue
(Hive Bee)
09-21-02 08:58
No 358715
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my crystal sphere told me you might probably talk of:

../rhodium/chemistry /brightstar.mdma.html ?

2. Rxn: Formaldehyde + Ammonium Chloride -> MethylAmine.HCl (MeAm.HCl)

from the writeup copy & pasted.

maybee I got the question not, of course thus would be alone to blame on my stupidity for which I apologize right now.

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(Verbose Viking)
09-21-02 12:53
No 358763
      I think you might bee wrong...  Bookmark   

I think this bee is talking about
../rhodium/chemistry /redamin.os-bs.html
which is just the reductive aminations Osmium/Brightstar-style.

But still the words MeAm are used consistently through the
text so I don't see what the problem is.

And I'd like some Nitromethanewink


Me fail English?That's unpossible!
(Chief Bee)
09-21-02 16:08
No 358780
      I have clarified the problem by inserting the .  Bookmark   

I have clarified the problem by inserting the .HCl part into the writeup.