uncle_buck (Stranger)
09-24-02 05:56
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      Some clarification on Iodosafrole, please...  Bookmark   

O.K.  I've been reading past posts on iodosafrole for the past couple days, and I'm pretty well confused.

Most of the posts talk about iodosafrole, but the experimentals quoted reference bromsafrole, not to mention that liberally sprinkled among these posts are posts by others saying that the method doesn't work.

The reaction that I would like to make the topic of this thread is NaI/DMSO/H2SO4 (please kindly address other methods in other threads).

Firstly, what are the current optimal parameters for this reaction?  NaI/DMSO ratio?  NaI/Safrole ratio? Reaction time?  Reaction temp?

Secondly, what is the best iodosafrole extraction/seperation procedure once the reaction is complete?

Thanks Hive gurus!