uncle_buck (Stranger)
09-23-02 21:14
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      Is this ephedrine synth really possible????  Bookmark   

"Ephedrine from Benzaldehyde and D-L Alanine, Heat to yield CO2 + ephedrine."

Does this really work?  Will pure l-isomer alanine work as well?  Is it just the benzaldehyde and alanine in equimolar ratio or some other ratio?  No solvent mentioned, so none needed, I suppose?

Thanks Hive gurus!

(Hive Bee)
09-23-02 23:38
No 359843
      I think you are mistaking  Bookmark   


I think you are confusing PPA and eph. By using the alanine + BA one will get PPA and not eph. To get eph you would have to use N-methyl-alanine, which is not so easy to come by as alanine.

As for solvent i belive you can find the answer by UTFSE.

09-24-02 15:22
No 360089
      Thanks for the clarification  Bookmark   

PPA, gotcha.  I will FS for the solvent info U'ing TE.
(Hive Bee)
09-27-02 21:52
No 361506
      solvent  Bookmark   

use toluene or xylene as the solvent (although aurelius believes one may not be absolutely necessary- may even raise yeild)  if picking between the two above, choose xylene, it has a higher boiling point (all three isomers are higher than toluene)  and this allows for a better high boiling solvent for the decarboxylation that occurs at elevated temps.