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09-24-02 02:44
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      Hello Bees, could you give me a little help?  Bookmark   

I would like to say hi to everyone here and that I am very impressed with the content on this forum.  When I first came across this site I was a little apprehensive about associating myself with makers of what I have considered recreational drugs.  But since then I have found that there is very good info here as well as people very intelligent in the ways of chemistry.

As for me, I've only finished my first year of chemistry and will be taking organic chem real soon.  I'm interested in making medicine but that's not why I'm here.  I'm here to learn about making steroids.  Obviously, I don't feel comfortable asking any of my professors or classmates about this topic.

Could anyone here point me to the right direction of study given my current level of knowledge?  Could you tell me where to look to find procedures for making steroids?  I've searched on my own and have come up empty handed.


Please respect my interest in steroids, as I respect your interest in your chosen drugs.  I think that we all have at least something in common;  the belief that that we should all have the freedom to control what we put into our bodies.  Whether it's steroids, THC, or any other substance is irrelevent.  The only thing that matters is the freedom we stand for.
(Hive Bee)
09-24-02 02:57
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Since you're a chemistry student, you must have access to an academic library. Search for the section of medicinal chemistry. First look for some general works: they mostly contain general overviews of synthesis methods. We have a couple of those books in our library, and they can be very usefull. Not useful in the meaning of giving you a complete synthesis method, for in the meaning of putting you on the good track. SWiM can't remember the names of those books anymore, but the ones in my lib were almost antique wink. If there is no chemical chemistry in the chemistry library, go to the faculties of pharmacy and/or medicie wink.

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09-24-02 07:42
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      Which kind of steroids ?  Bookmark   

Which kind of steroids are you looking for? IIRC, the synthesis is not so easy, not suitable for the ghetto style. In some european countries you can buy them OTC in pharmacies for a good price (canary islands, istanbul etc.). Why bother with a rather tricky synthesis? Just spent you holidays in the right place.
(Chief Bee)
09-24-02 08:14
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This is a site about psychoactive compounds, not bodybuilding materials.