scram (Newbee)
09-25-02 18:22
No 360418
      Condensing MeAm vapours thru liquid nitrogen  Bookmark   

I know this may sound wacked but its just an idea I was thinking about. Would the temp difference be too much as to create a violent boiling of the liquid nitrogen making it too dangerous. It would be nice to collect and sieve off frozen MeAm crystals for later storage. 
(Hive Bee)
09-25-02 18:53
No 360425
      Of course it could be done.  Bookmark   

Of course it could be done. But only if you are experienced using (l)N2. The boiling should not be too violent at all. Donīt lead gaseous MeAm into the (l)N2. Instead use use a cooling bath with the nitrogen to cool a flask which you lead dried MeAm into. This will make it easier to weigh your amine since you donīt need to scoop it up from liquid nitrogen with a spoon.