darius (Stranger)
09-30-02 09:05
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      dormouse, anyone else in post 108382?  Bookmark   

...from post 108382 originally posted by dormouse in this forum.  it was supposed to be a two step teaser.  I was wondering if anyone has the image and if they wouldn't mind reposting it or sending it to me.  I've looked for a few months and can't find anything anywhere...frown

thanks in advance!
(Hive Prodigy)
09-30-02 09:44
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Maybe this thread holds what you seek?

Post 238753 (Rhodium: "MDMA from only aliphatic precursors", Serious Chemistry)

Will perform sexual favors for females in exchange for 1,2-dimethylaziridine. PM for details.
(Chief Bee)
09-30-02 13:19
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      Yup, the link he is looking for is ...  Bookmark   

Yup, the link he is looking for is http://syngen2.chem.brandeis.edu/syngen.html
09-30-02 14:38
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      ahhh  Bookmark   

I hate to clog bandwidth, but I will anyways:

Thanks, too bad they don't have a version working for windoze... looks like a good excuse to buy a new computer.

Again I appreciate the celerity with which ya'll replied.