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10-01-02 02:34
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      PCP/analogues easiest route?  Bookmark   

  Theoretically, if aquisition was not an issue (barring intermediates), what would bee the easiest/safest route to this family of chemicals (for the pseudo-newbee)?

EDIT:  Sorry, swim had been looking over the synths on your page -strictly from an aquisition standpoint.
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10-01-02 02:36
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      Look here: http://www.rhodium.  Bookmark   

Look here: ../rhodium/chemistry /pcp/

All the commonly known methods has been reviewed, and given a yield, difficulty and hazard rating.
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10-01-02 05:00
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      An easy synth would be to react ...  Bookmark   

  An easy synth would be to react 1-phenylcyclohexene with H2S04/Na-cyanide, then hydrolyze to get phenylcyclohexylamine. A more realistic approach would be to use Grignards, because despite what the doc on Rhodium's page says, phenylcyclohexene is hard to get. Plus, who even wants to try ordering K or Na cyanide after all this 9/11 shit. Besides, the Grignard way is more flexible; If you can't get bromobenzene, then use a naphthyl, toluyl, halobenzene, etc(do you want it to last as long as ketamine or much longer).. Also, think about all the amines you can pick from. Peace!cool

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10-01-02 11:51
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      Not so easy  Bookmark   

Remember: H2SO4 + NaCN --> Na2SO4 + HCN