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10-01-02 11:05
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      Thiophene???  Bookmark   

Sirs, all of you heard about tiletamine and as it make too know, but there is one nuance, - how to make itself  thiophene. Is there anybody know a pair - three methods?

For it in general prepare from disodium succinate  and P4S7. Refers to as Volhard-Erdmann cyclization.

Who may find the following references?
It is very necessary.

J. Volhard and H. Erdmann,Ber,18,454(1885)
L. H. Friedburg, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 12, 83 (1890); J. Chem. Soc. 58,1400 (1890)
H. Scheibler and M. Schmidt Ber. 54, 139 (1921)
H. Scheibler and F. Rettig, Ber. 59, 1194 (1926)
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D. E. Wolf and K. Folkers in Organic Reactions VI, 412 (1951)
R. F. Feldkamp and B. F. Tullar in Organic Syntheses coll. vol. IV. 671 (1963).

(Chief Bee)
10-01-02 11:31
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      Organic Syntheses IV, 671: http://www.orgsyn.  Bookmark   

Organic Syntheses IV, 671:

Organic Syntheses II, 578:

10-01-02 12:50
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      Many thanks Rhodium, but it is necessary to me of ...  Bookmark   

Many thanks Rhodium, but it is necessary to me of 4 litres. And reception such amount  of thiophene of these methods will cost to me more expensively, than its purchase. The yeld too small.
(Chief Bee)
10-01-02 13:37
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That is usually the case with small organic molecules, as you probably know. I doubt you can synthesize tiophene cheaper than buying it from standard suppliers. 5000g is Ђ300 from Acros, but only Ђ175 from Aldrich, so it pays to shop around. If you bother to go through what they are able to supply from Asia (see http://directory.google.com/Top/Business/Chemicals/Asia/ for a rough guide), then you can find it even cheaper.