Rhodium (Chief Bee)
10-01-02 04:16
No 362682
      Larock's Comprehensive Organic Transformations  Bookmark   

Soon to be published on CD-ROM!



This long-awaited, greatly-expanded new edition of a best-selling guide offers an encyclopedic and systematic collection of useful synthetic methodology, including tens of thousands of reactions and synthetic transformations. The first edition has been reviewed in the professional journals as "clearly...the first choice for researchers seeking information on synthetic transformations." And as "useful to anyone who must do organic synthesis, especially those whose focus is not strictly organic chemistry. It provides a...clear road map to the synthetic literature and should be kept within easy reach of the chemist's desk."

      "...makes available at one's fingertips a wealth of information concerning a broad range of reaction types." (Angewandte Chemie)

      "This edition covers 39 new journals and numerous additional reviews and books from 1988-95." (SciTech Book News, March 2001)

      "...an indispensable reference work for designing and carrying out modern organic chemical synthesis...It is amazing that so much information is contained in a single volume that is arranged in a logical and easy to use fashion." (Analytical Biochemistry, Vol. 294, 2001)

      "...the book is undoubtedly still of great value and every chemist working in the area of synthesis should have it within reach in the laboratory." (Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 3rd November 2000)

      "...an outstanding work of reference...and will be an essential purchase for all synthetic organic chemists in academe and industry." (Natural Products Reports, Vol 17, 2000)

      "This new edition is an invaluable resource.... This reference is a must have addition to the library of any practicing synthetic chemist in the pharmaceutical sciences." (Pharmaceutical Research, Vol. 18, No. 9, September 2001)

In essence, it is a 2600+ page book which consists solely of references of how to transform a certain functional group into another, all nicely indexed in the book, I can almost not imagine how indispensible this piece of literature will be...

* All reactions have yields of 50% or more
* All reactions involve common reagents or ones easy to prepare in the lab.
* Has been written after the author has read through every single issue of J. Org Chem, J. Am Chem. Soc., Tet. Lett. and Synlett up to 1995, as well as 150+ other important journals. Obscure journals has been omitted, as not everyone can find them in their local library.
(Hive Prodigy)
10-01-02 08:41
No 362762
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That book would be like my bible! laugh

Although, personally, Id much rather have the physical book even though Wiley charges more for it. It will be the most expensive single book I have ever bought, coming in at $170, but when I get paid after this next check, it will be mine. I'll let you kniow when it comes in. smile


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(Verbose Viking)
10-01-02 09:21
No 362776
      Where to buy?  Bookmark   

Will this be commonly available, through for example
Amazon? I'm more interested in the CD-ROM version.


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(Hive Bee)
10-01-02 11:02
No 362825
      Good find, Rhodium,  Bookmark   

indeed! I assume this book could make a very interesting addition to March's 5th...smile
Are there any previews available, does anyone in here own this book and can testify for its value?

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(Hive Prodigy)
10-01-02 11:14
No 362828
      Wiley  Bookmark   

weedar: You just order it from Wiley Publishing Group directly, and they ship it to you. I buy books from them online all the time.

Hermanroemp, I'll post a review after I get the book. We're probably looking at a wait of about 4 weeks before I have it. 3 weeks till I have the money to spend, and one week for shipping.


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(Hive Bee)
10-02-02 10:14
No 363281
      Hrmm...  Bookmark   

It's not really that great of a book. I wouldn't spend close to $200 of my money on it. I have it on CDROM as well. I can try to upload it or something. Rhodium should really PM me about it. smile

The best organic chemistry book, I believe is Advanced Organic Chemistry by Carey & Sundberg. The Logic of Chemical Synthesis by E.J.Corey and Classics in Total Synthesis by K.C.Nicolaou are also very good as well.
(Hive Adickt)
10-02-02 14:18
No 363387
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I don't agree, Larock is a greath book in the lab. It's the greathest book for funtionel group interconvertion[fgi] (I have a nito group and want's an amine wath doo i doo ??). Beats even the online version of beilstein. (got mine used for 55$)

To the CD rom thing, it's an old version you have (I have it too) the program is from the 80's and it's close to useles.