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A solution of 98 g (1.0 mole) of cyclohexanone, 100 g (1.17 mole) of piperidine, and 2 g (0.0105 mole) of p-toluenesulfonic acid in 300 ml of toluene is refluxed under azeotropic distillation conditions until the evolution of water stops (about 13 hours). The best method for this is to use a Dean Stark or Barrett water trap, but if one is not available, it may be improvised with a distillation head as described in Vogel's Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry.

This is from: ../rhodium/chemistry /pcp/enam_synth.html#enamine

Swim downloaded Vogels from this site, but cannot find what the article makes referance to.  Any bees know how to make a water trap using a regular distillation head?

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Instead of Vogel's, how about in the Acquisition forum in the last two months:

Post 342520 (MaDMAx: "**Simple glass --> fancy glass!**", Chemicals & Equipment)

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online really cheap, usually because:
A)The person selling it doesn't know what it is. 
B) There isn't a big demand for them, so they go for a song.

Check out the usual suspects (Auction Sites) for a week or so and you'll see what I mean! I got mine for $5 and it had etched milliliter markings.

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