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10-05-02 03:22
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Hi there,

I'm about to buy a single stage high purity N2 regulator for general work, eg; Grignard, solvent blanketing etc. But I'm not sure about what outlet psi to choose. So far I'm thinking low pressure 2-15 psi with a neele valve for fine control.

Will I be ham strung with a low pressure unit. Isn't 15 psi enough for most jobs?

10-05-02 03:32
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Should do it man.

Might not fit the bill for hydrogenation, but I think that requires a different regulator anyway.
10-08-02 02:20
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A needle valve is nice and controllable for low pressure requirements.  Obviously high pressure hydrog's will require more, but will you REALLY be doing high pressure hydrog's ?  One word of advice, you should NEVER store a needle valve fully closed, always open it slightly, they are SO prone to jamming otherwise.

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Peace, love and empathy
10-08-02 02:23
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PS....thats stupid of me to say anyway, since hydrogen regulators are engineered so they have the OPPOSITE threading to other need a specific regulator for a hyrdogen cylinder. Sorry 'bout that, too much wine im afraid (hiccup).

Peace, love and empathy

Fan of Shulgin

Peace, love and empathy