quantum (Hive Bee)
10-07-02 07:33
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      help needed on verification of valid supplier.  Bookmark   

I have an email from vietnam from a sassy distributor
(or so they say they are)
they have a one page web page which I will not post in
to keep in the rules.
they say they will ship the stuff how ever I want and
will ship to any bee in packaging and postal payment option
specified by the customer. sounds awsome to me but could
be one big fat trap too.
happy to share if your for real just need some advise
and maby some pm's from people dealing in sassy oil from
will give source to thoughs who I can prove are real bee's
if its real I dont want to fuck it for my self and others.

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10-07-02 10:35
      Me oh my, oh why oh why
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10-07-02 15:01
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Man do you want to get caught? That's probably one of the best way I've seen so far!
(Hive Addict)
10-07-02 18:09
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North vietnam banned all exports of sassafras oil this year, according to gov. documents I found on the web... you can google this is you want to look it up, just a note in passing, I don't think, if they've banned the stuff, that ordering it is a good idea, especially if they want to get on the good side of us. gov. for foreign aid...

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10-07-02 18:19
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      CL...  Bookmark   

CL... there is one thing you need to know... In South-East Asia, the language is money. Need fake ID? no problem. Need Windows XP? no problem. Need sassafras? no problem. On the other hand, importing 50 L barrels from Vietnam can cause some suspicion at the custom's office wink.

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10-08-02 02:43
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      I hope you read the thread about a weekago about ...  Bookmark   

I hope you read the thread about a weekago about a fellow bee who got busted for ordering sassy overseas. Think hard about your choices. Sassy can still be found in the US if you look hard enough.

I went into the business for the money, and the art grew out of it.-Charlie Chaplin

10-08-02 03:19
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He was a good friend too.Helped out this bee a few times.Read and you will maybee have a chance.You'll either sink or swiw while figuring this out.The mistakes WL made he'd have his own ass for now.Hell hes still making them.Maybee if he stickes around he'll survive out here.safety in numbers!tongue

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10-08-02 05:28
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      vietnam  Bookmark   

i read somewhere tonight when looking for new sassy sources online that vietnam specifically has made exporting of sassafras oil illegal. just letting you know.

Just say know.
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10-08-02 08:25
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      This bee knows...  Bookmark   

And there are a few bee's who can swim up... Sassy is good and alive in the US. This bee has had a non chemist friend ordered from about 6 different online websites. Only one was suspect of being bunk. Here is a hint, witchcraft. They are purists. Trust this bee, dont order from over seas, or canada. Its all about fun an being safe, explore your options. These 6 sites have been since July through  end of august. Trust swit. Its there.
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10-10-02 00:42
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You honestly think that just because you ordered from within the U.S. that you are immune to the DEA? 

It doesn't matter where the fuck you are and what you ordered...  If they want you, they will get you..

Nothing more..

"The gods are too fond of a joke."  (Aristotle)

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10-10-02 05:13
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I never said I was immune from the DEA. Read the post carefully, no, more like thoroughly. I only said there was no need to import, and I was shedding some light on the idea that most sass in the us is bad. I was sharing my experience so that maybe someone might benefit, as I have done so from others. My friend, think before you post.
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10-10-02 05:57
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      thankyou for all of your responces  Bookmark   

unfortunatly I live in australia.
I have found through a lot of looking ie entire phone
directorys and net searching two sassy sources in the
whole of australia and they are both in diffrent states.
now the only on I think is valid I belive is a prime candidate for having there customers orders inspected.
ie they realy are the only people who will deal with
the stuff so logic would say the pigs know about it.
this scares the shit out of me.
maby if I went up there to pick it up might be a weekend
thing :) but 1000k is not somthing to do lightly.
anyway thanx again for the replys

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