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Diampromide was develloped at the American Cyanamid Company, by some chemists who modified the methadone molecule a bit.

Preliminary clinical results indicate that the potency of diampromide lies between that of meperidine and morphine.


A benzene solution of N-methylphenethylamine(1) and 2-bromopropionanilide(2) was heated under reflux to give 2-(N-methylphenethylamino)-propionanilide in 81 % yield (M.P.: 65- 67 C).  The reduction of 2-(N-methylphenethylamino)-propionanilide with LiAlH4in THF afforded 80 % of N2-methyl-N2-phenethyl-N1-phenyl-1,2-propanediamine (B.P.: 138 - 144 C / 0.2 mm Hg).  When N2-methyl-N2-phenethyl-N1-phenyl-1,2-propanediamine was acylated with propionic anhydride N-[2-(methyl-phenethylamino)-propyl]-propionanilide was obtained in 83 % yield (B.P.: 174 - 178 C / 0.5 mm Hg).  The sulphate salt crystallized from EtOH - Et2O in 85 % yield (M.P.: 110 - 111 C).

(1) J. Chem. Soc. (1910) p 2253
(2) Ber. (1892) vol 25 p 2919
Ref.: JACS (1959) vol 81 p 1518 - 1519

A comparison between diampromide, 2,3-seco-fentanyl and fentanyl can be found at:
Diampromide seems to be 167 times less potent than fentanyl.  Hence, I estimate that the dose would be 4 - 8 mg.
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      Sweet! I wonder if Na-borohydride/nickel boride ...  Bookmark   

  Sweet! I wonder if Na-borohydride/nickel boride could replace the LAH? If diampromide is more euphoric and less sedating than prodine or analogs, then it would be worth making. Peace!cool

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10-09-02 10:26
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I don't know if the P-2 catalyst (normally used to reduce alkenes) can be used to reduce amides ...

But I have refs. for coreactants that can be used with NaBH4 to reduce amides:
* Tetrahedron Lett. (1969) p 4555
* Tetrahedron Lett. (1976) p 219
* J.Org. Chem. (1977) vol 42 p 2082
* J.Org. Chem. (1981) vol 46 p 2579
* Synthesis (1987) p 1128
* Chem. Lett. (1990) p 251 
Mabey Ni2B is one of them.  I know it will work with  BF3 or Me3SiCl as a coreagent.
BF3 + NaBH4 will in situ generate borane (cfr. J. Org. Chem. (1973) vol 38 p 912). 
And trichlorosilane even reduces amides without NaBH4.  Ref.: Chem. Lett. (1972) p 989.

What looks promessing, is that all kinds amides can be reduced with Na in 1-propanol.  However, the article is somewhat difficult to obtain: Chem. Ind. (London) (1990) p 547.

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