Vaaguh (Stranger)
10-10-02 17:29
No 366927
      2c-b -> dob ?  Bookmark   

Do you guys think this would work ?

I am not sure if the Al/Hg will reduce the alkene producing a decent yield, should I consider using NaBH4 and Al/Hg for reducing ?

(Chief Bee)
10-10-02 17:54
No 366937
      The dehydration of the intermediate nitroalkohol ...  Bookmark   

The dehydration of the intermediate nitroalkohol to the nitroalkene won't happen without vigorous conditions, such as heating with phtalic anhydride, as the alkene isn't conjugated with the benzene ring. That step alone will be so low-yielding that the synthesis is of no use.

Start from scratch, that is much more plausible than this suggestion.

Alcohol, an unconsciousness-expanding drug
10-13-02 23:54
No 368122
      Even furthermore.  Bookmark   

2C-B + potassium permanganate --> 4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxy-benzoic acid.