saline (Stranger)
10-14-02 11:50
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      LSD via lysergic acid metyl ester  Bookmark   

i think it would be very benifical for the hive community to discuss the LSD synthesis outlined on rhodium based on  Patent US4524208. allthough this method may not be new or specificially high yielding, it could easily be done with OTC chemicals. after searching TFSE, i've found that discussion of this synth usually stops within several posts.
Unfourtenetly trimethylaluminum spontaneously ignites in air and i wonder at what tempurature the amine would react with the ester. The example given seems crude, and i would hope that the rxn would happen somewhere below 135-140dC. Possibly it could be assisted with a catylist(hint hint, wink wink).

(Hive Addict)
10-14-02 16:12
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