malvaxman (Hive Bee)
10-17-02 00:05
No 369512
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...before there will be methods design syntetic enzymes for reactions that do not occur in nature ex. reduction of ephedrine etc.

Are there people that have an idea how to do?

"Hmmm... I have nothing to do today, so lets make an enzyme for ephedrine reduction, that means the sequence has to be....."


(Hive Bee)
10-17-02 01:36
No 369538
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Why do you want enzymes to reduce ephedrine? I think it would be much cheaper to grow your own genetically enhanced (DEA would read it as deteriorated) microorganisms... smile.
There are some articles dealing with microorganisms in organic chemistry, but all by all we can't use many of them. A great find would be a genetically enhanced microorganism that can synthesize MDA or MDMA when it is doped with sugar. Plants can do it, we only need some researchers for our good cause smile.
And fully synthetic enzymes, that will take a while... And will be very expensive as well.

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