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10-17-02 03:16
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200 gms nitromethane, 300 gms 28% HCl and 300 gms Glacial Acetic Acid were mixed and slowly heated to just below reflux and temp held there for about 4 hours then temp adjusted for relux and left for 12 hours. Left to cool for 8 hours. Crystals formed. Liquid was decanted and reduced to about 200 mls and put in freezer overnight. More crystals were recovered. Total yield 100 gms. Crystals became yellowish on standing.
10-17-02 03:43
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I think it's gibberish.
It's impossible.

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10-17-02 04:01
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Nitromethane has a nitrogen in the fifth oxidation state while hydroxylamine in the third. How is the nitromethane being reduced by GAA. I doubt the acetic acid could be so readily oxidised.
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10-17-02 04:49
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Please read Post 263772 (halfapint: "Re: Nitrostyrene or Nitropropene electrochem reduction", Chemistry Discourse) and Post 285259 (uemura: "Oldie, but Goodie", Novel Discourse).
10-18-02 04:11
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Say what??