ChemMang (Stranger)
10-19-02 20:09
No 370248
      R/C Car Fuel Distillation ?  Bookmark   

I was curious, I UTFSE but no avail.  In this rather interesting dream I had, a Newbie wanted to distill this 97% Nitromethane R/C Car Fuel.  In the dream this newbie had a simple distillation w/ liebig condensor+driptip setup
 well I imagined he wanted heat his Erlenmeyer flask containing this Fuel and connected to the condensor to 101.2 Celsius.  Well I was curious this sounds like it would distill the pure Nitromethane right out of the Fuel as thats Nitromethane's BP. Was this fictional Newbie correct in his hypothesis? ? ?

'UTFSE indeed'
(Hive Bee)
10-19-02 20:19
No 370253
      Whats the question here??  Bookmark   

Whats the question here??

Sink or SWIM
10-19-02 21:06
No 370266
      um..  Bookmark   

I was curious if the individual in the dream was correct in his hypothesis that distilling the fuel at 101.2C would leave relatively pure Nitromethane.  Is this correct?wink

'UTFSE indeed'
(Hive Bee)
10-19-02 21:24
No 370272
      relativity  Bookmark   

I guess that depends on your definition of 'relatively pure'.
10-19-02 21:33
No 370276
      97% nitro will be fine for a mm al/hg.  Bookmark   

97% nitro will be fine for a mm al/hg. If it has lubricants(which is unlikely) wash them out.

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10-20-02 00:57
No 370316
      97%  Bookmark   

Just do what was posted. Take 100 ml of your dream fuel combine 25 ml of dh2o and decant the water from the fuel. If the 3% is oil then vac distill the dream fuel in this manner ( remove all open flame producers from the area) take the dream fuel and set it up for distillation, then increase hotplate or mantle temp to 60 degree c if there is no for run of liquid then you can be sure the 3% is oil.
Now take temp to 101. I would never distill until near dryness (3% left in boiling flask) instead just distill until about 80% has come over. The 80% you collect will be good to run with and the left over can be placed in another container for later dreams.

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(Hive Addict)
10-20-02 02:33
No 370349
      do the oil test...  Bookmark   

 Put a drop on some white inkjet paper...if it leaves a translucent spot, it has oil in it...

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
10-21-02 09:57
No 370750
      brine  Bookmark   

a brine bath can take it to 101C and not much beyond,
although it's somewhat messy it works if for some
reason you are having problems controlling temp

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10-21-02 12:12
No 370791
      Simple  Bookmark   

This process has been discussed many mnay times.

Distill everything out before 97c, then collect your nitro at 101c

It's not dangerous as some may claim, and if you take your time, you will have high purity nitro.

You can, if you want, leave the nitro exposed to the air in hopes of evaping away the drop or two of meoh/azetrope that may have been left in the condensor you neglected to clean before collecting your next fraction..

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10-22-02 00:10
No 371006
      97%  Bookmark   

Are u sure it is 97%?

if it is, just calculate the additional Nitro that you need to add.  Distill, or just say fuck it, and use as is... as suggested..


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10-22-02 11:07
No 371176
      Nitromethane in the real world  Bookmark   

Nitromethane I understood to be hygroscopic.  That is it will absorb water from the atmosphere.  I had heard of Top Fuel drag cars being disqualified because too much water was in their fuel (high 90s% Nitro).  The water in the fuel was absorbed from the atmosphere???  The reason for the DQ I was told is the water raises the effective compression ratio in the engine because H2O does not compress?

Also I am told that serious RC model racers obtain pure Nitromethane to mix their own RC Fuels. smile
10-23-02 03:53
No 371556
      Nitromethane  Bookmark   

Yep, nitromethane is hygrpscopic. And yes it can be bought (pure) for us in RC stuff from hobby shops. They ususally have to order it in though.
(Hive Bee)
10-23-02 05:00
No 371584
      Funny that nitro is hygroscopic because its ...  Bookmark   

Funny that nitro is hygroscopic because its solubility in water is not that high....

Sink or SWIM
(Chief Bee)
10-23-02 06:00
No 371601
      Water dissolves over 10% MeNO2, but only 7% ...  Bookmark   

Water dissolves over 10% MeNO2, but only 7% ether. Which one is the most hygroscopic?
(Hive Bee)
10-24-02 02:23
No 371969
      I see what you are talking about chief.  Bookmark   

I see what you are talking about chief.

I thought hygroscopic ment the ability to pull water from the air into the nitromethane...

Sink or SWIM
(Chief Bee)
10-24-02 02:36
No 371979
      It does, but it only refers to how easily water ...  Bookmark   

It does, but it only refers to how easily water is initially taken up, and does not consider how many percent water can be taken up before the solvent is saturated with it.

Ether is really hygroscopic, and readily absorbs water, but never more than at most 7%.