Protium (Newbee)
10-23-02 21:58
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If one was in a jam and had need of encapsulating a medicinal substance who's reccommended dosage was about 20-30 mg, avoiding fillers, etc, and this person did not want to appear extremely stingy by encapsulating this substance in his bulky 0 caps.......

What would a good OTC product (not neccesarily brand) be that one might find with a capsule that would easily substitute for his purposes and encapsulate this small quantity with minimal headroom?

Please excuse the dumb question, this person has not a whole lot of time.

(Chief Bee)
10-23-02 22:06
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What's wrong with encapsulating something in a cap that is too big? The amount of active will be the same whether it is placed in a #0 or a #4 capsule. If your friends are too stupid to realize such a thing, you either should educate them, or if that is not possible, I am not sure if such people should be given any drugs at all.
10-23-02 22:14
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I think it has more to do with the fact "0" size is way too big and bulky."3"are recomended for 100-125mg.Swiw friends have had problems with caps smushing or cracking.He gets a bottle of st.johns wart.uses those capsules.Think about it.You can also order online from an array of stores for later use.Have a nice day.tongue

You can tell the queen of diamonds,by the way that she shines.-GD
(Hive Bee)
10-23-02 23:24
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Agar is available at most bulk health food shos as well as many on-line sources.  Agar is inert, has no calories, and has a desity close, to many amine powders. Agar is derived from seaweed, and is used in candy making and cooking, as well as micro biological and medical laboratories.   I know your orginal query stated that you didn't wish to use fillers, but they have a few advantages.

1. You are able to have the exat amount of powder necessary to fiull the capsule, and you will premix this ratio, so when capsule filling time comes, all you have to do is fill each capsule.
2. High speed capsule filling machines can be utilized, these are used by hand, you insert half of each capsule into a hole, and then the powder is scraped across a plate and falls into the waitng capsules, then you place the tops on tha capsules and they are done.

3. If you are worried about consistancy, run through a mesh screen #100 works well, and the powders will sift together.  Then you use this mixed owder to fill the capsules.

4. This works very well.

Also #5 capsules are available; however, the smallest lot I have seen them sold in is 100,000 units.

Quick Capsule filler

(Hive Bee)
10-24-02 02:57
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They always think something has been cut if there is empty space.
It the stupid 'Double Stack' mentality we have in this country. If its 2x as thick there must be 2x active substance.. Bottom line, dumbasses always buy this shit at a higher price.
The smallest caps I've found are TxxxLAB. They are probably 4 and fit a max of 175mg. But they provide a consistant 130-140mg packing every time. Folic acid,  iron, selenium. There are several types under this brand name.
10-24-02 20:49
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Cant you get them at a drugstore? That's what SWIM usually does. A friend goes for him, asks the pharmacist for whatever size capsules he feels like using, and there you go. Swim can buy them in packs of 100 no problem.