Chicken (Hive Bee)
10-28-02 06:01
No 373468
      LE intel. report: NH3, security, diversion, denatu  Bookmark   

A newer LE Inteligence report on methods of denaturig, preventing theft of, as well as revention of diversion, NH3:

Under this option, a chemical or compound added to anhydrous ammonia would be able
to accomplish one of five different outcomes:
Neutralize ability of NH3 as a solvent or catalyst in process
Prevent meth from providing euphoric rush (desired effect)
Results in an unusable (bad) product
Makes meth user sick
Results in combustion as part of production format

(Chief Bee)
10-28-02 06:11
No 373470
      Sulfur addition? That would form large amounts of ...  Bookmark   

Sulfur addition? That would form large amounts of H2S during reduction... They rather kill meth cooks deliberately, than bothering to find a safe additive?