terbium (Old P2P Cook)
10-28-02 07:05
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For high current drain applications these Lithium AA cells are far superior to alkaline cells. While both the Lithium and Alkaline AA cells are nominally rated at around 3000 mAh; for Alkalines this is only true if the current drain is less than 100 mA. For current drains in excess of 200 mAh the lithium cell its full rated amount of power but the alkaline will deliver only a fraction of that.

I have an application where I would like to use Lithium AA cells as the power source but I will be burning through 4 of them every 4-5 hours. Lithium AA cells are much more expensive than Alkaline cells. The best price that I have seen for Lithium AA cells is $11 for a 4-pack which is $2.75 each.

Has anyone ever shopped around for the best price on Lithium AA cells and found a significantly better price? No sources please but tell me about prices.

Has anyone ever tried to buy these by the case to get a better price? Again, no sources please.

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(Hive Bee)
10-28-02 07:19
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I have found them for the followin prices, conservative estimates, some have been lower at times:

1. Industrial Supply Company, Labled as Industrial Lithium AA.  Box of 100: $100USD ($1ea)

2. Surplus merchandise stores (on and off-line) Various Brands Lithium AA Avergae Box of 100 Average Price:$300.00 ($3 ea)

3. Whole sale supplier/bulk sales dealers Lithium AA Box of 100 $200 ($2ea)


10-28-02 14:31
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I have found them at 2 big name office supply stores for $8.99.  This was for a 4-pack.  These stores are all over the country, but I can only vouch for the 8.99 price in Tn.