underbase (Stranger)
10-30-02 12:09
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SWIM got a drum or two given to him of a certain brand of usa paint stripper. SWIM has never seen this in his parts before... the ingredients listed are

Methylene Chloride
Ethylene glycol butyl ether

so my question is, what is good (the tolly, and the first one which is DCM?) and is distillation the best way to seperate and if so, just go for various boiling fractions?

anyone to help a newbie?
(Hive Bee)
10-30-02 18:12
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      I think washing it with an equal portion of h2o a ...  Bookmark   

I think washing it with an equal portion of h2o a couple times to remove the methanol and then a simple distillation on a water bath should give you clean dcm,it should be dried before using as it will contain some residual water.

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(Hive Bee)
10-30-02 22:42
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      Swim has tried to distill something with similar ...  Bookmark   

Swim has tried to distill something with similar chemicals. The methylene chloride, methanol, and toluene will form an azeotrope and come over together at around ~58C

However you can easily seperate by washing the distillate with 10 times its volume in h2o and this will make methylene chloride with toluene in it. Then distill this and this time the DCM will come over at 39-43C and the tolene will come over at 110C+

Removing the methanol with a water wash is essential and distillation of the wash is essential to get semi pure DCM. (without any tolly)

Sink or SWIM
10-31-02 20:29
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      Why is it so thick?  Bookmark   

Which of the ingredients makes it so thick? Or is it an unlisted one? The idea is you spray this stuff on then it goes to a jelly, I am suspecting that the DCM vaps off realtivly quickly and leaves the gel behind... should this cause any problems?
(Hive Bee)
10-31-02 22:32
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      depends on the brand name...  Bookmark   

depends on the brand name...i have seen some after distilling off that turns into a hard semi-sold wax and it was easy to get out of the flask and i have heard of others that leaves a gel behind that is hard to clean up. Get the blue stuff wink

Sink or SWIM
11-01-02 19:43
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It left a rubbery like single mat on the bottom that came of with an ethanol soak. The strange thing is swim had a quick sniff and it smelt like strewberry gummy bears.. an ester in there perhaps? or maybe the use excess paint stripper for kids candie or vice versa :)