DrJackson (Stranger)
10-30-02 08:27
No 374522
      Alright, SWIM used the fucking search engine, and  Bookmark   

he still needs just a bit of verification, you know, to make sure he's not about to do something stupid and ruin the culture that his friend so generously gave him. Extracting paspalic acid from a paspali culture - same as extracting from ergot, correct? incorrect? What solvents would be best, if it matters at all. SWIM would like to hear something before he takes off on his weekend adventures.

And have a good day.
10-30-02 13:07
No 374656
      Save the culture and do some reading.  Bookmark   

Save the culture and do some reading. Ergot and Paspalic acid information is probably the easiest to find, or go to Rhodium.