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10-31-02 04:23
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In searching for a source of NaNO2, I came across a product that is a "closed loop inhibitor" containing only NaNO2 and NaOH. The MSDS sheet doesn't list the approx. % of either, unfortunately, but I was wondering if it was possible to figure it out from other information present.

Info that is in the MSDS:

pH: 12.7
Specific Gravity: 1.127
Vapor Density: < 1
Vapor Pressure: 23.75
Boiling Point: > 212F
Evap Rate: 1

Under the Ingredients section, we have:

CAS Name                 TLV Units             Approx. %
Sodium Nitrite            NE                      Proprietary
Sodium Hydroxide       2 mg/M3              Proprietary

If anyone has any ideas on what the percentages are of this, I would be much obliged. If you want a link to the MSDS or more info on the product itself, PM me. If I posted the MSDS it could be considered a source, so I posted only the information above.


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10-31-02 04:57
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You should look harder for just sodium nitrite(don't know what your using it for but technical grade will work for the nitrite wacker)it should bee a fuckin breeze.(hint:meat/food preserver and even a few other legetimate uses).Peace,Chambered.

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