Silmarillion (Stranger)
11-05-02 15:45
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      Low on RP - Will a long reflux work?  Bookmark   

Can we get there from here....?

SWIS knows that I have been a lurker here for some time, and that I have passed on much valuable information posted by the bee's here that has allowed SWIS to dream excellent dreams of E/I/RP reactions in the past.

Now, SWIS comes to me with a problem.  He has 10gms pseudo, 13gms I (from 7% tinc), but, alas, only 3 gms of fresh MBRP.  I have shared with him what I have read here about long refluxes being successful in reducing the pseudo to meth, but I told him that I didn't know if he could dream successfully with so little RP.

Therefore, I ask this on behalf of SWIS:  Is it possible to reduce the above mentioned weights of ingredients to the desired product, and, if so, how long should the reflux run, and at what temperature (in farenheit)?  If not, how much more RP would SWIS need to acquire to reach the minimum required amount?  Long refluxes are not a problem for SWIS, but RP is damn near impossible to find around here these days, as all the matchbooks seen in the past six months are of the black, no good for dreaming kind.

Thank you in advance for your wisdom and willingness to share it. 

(Employee Supervisor)
11-05-02 16:25
No 376862
      If you doubled the I2 and added another gram and ...  Bookmark   

If you doubled the I2 and added another gram and a half to two grams RP, along with about 5-7ml of water (added as needed)and then gently refluxed it for 8+ hours (12 would be better) it will most certainly work. 

I have my doubts as to whether it will work as you originally described it, given the same method and timeframe.

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11-05-02 17:57
No 376879
      Worst case scenario?  Bookmark   

What would be the worst case scenario; partial reduction?  What would be the maximum yield of meth using the rP as the limiting factor? 

I was trying to do this calculation myself, yet I couldn't find the chem equation for this reaction...


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11-05-02 18:20
No 376885
      black may work  Bookmark   

Swif have used the black MB strikers in their dreams and have had success. They contain the item you seek, just in smaller amounts. Use more of them and clean them extra good. I am thinking in terms of "a girls best friend" brand.  wink

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11-06-02 00:07
No 376980
      mbrp= 1/2 rp??  Bookmark   

had this not been 'mbrp',  those ratios might have done the trick.
mbrp, of course, is a bit of a guess. counting moisture and other crap, its hard to beelieve that its more than 50% rp...unless a bee goes the whole 9 yards in the clean up.

going 5 or 6 yards will long as its treated as 1/2 strength in the weighing.
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11-06-02 04:54
No 377028
      Drop it down to..  Bookmark   

Drop it down to 3grams of E with 5grams of your I2 with a dash of h2o and 12 hours later, you might have something

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11-06-02 12:33
No 377121
      At most...  Bookmark   

...he could pull a 5g nano from that amount of rP, if it was well cleansed...


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11-06-02 18:11
No 377203
      re: silmarillion's "low on rp"  Bookmark   

Thanks Sil, for asking a question the ol8d has been wondering about herself.  She noticed you didn't get an answer to the second half of the post what temp?  Ok bees of more experience... we know that too much heat will burn up the goodies; she assumes that's why some of the wiser bees have cooled the goods prior to adding the rp. And what about during the reflux?  Should the contents be bubbling? heavily? barely? She knows these questions are redundant, but sometimes reading TFSE has so much conflicting and/or ommited info in any one thread that for ol'beez like her, she needs to bee re-minded. crazy
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11-06-02 20:04
No 377221
      on temps  Bookmark   

There are many variations on the temperatures. Each rxn may react differently. I know it sucks to use TFSE, but you can see how different an rxn can go and how each bee reacts to those situations.   

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11-07-02 06:03
No 377318
      I FOUND THIS  Bookmark   

I found this in the UTFSE. Post 183045 (BenWiFFen: "Ben's 12 hour nano Dream", Stimulants) may/bee this will help.

11-07-02 12:59
No 377378
      Ben's nano-rama  Bookmark   

Thanks, Ben..ol8d revisited that post shortly after she posted the temp question..It says it all nicely. When using damp sand the temp seems a little harder to control but she hates the drifting she gets using the hot oil even with a collar (must be too light).
11-12-02 09:47
No 378992
      Thanks for the input...  Bookmark   

Hello again;

Sorry to post a question and then leave for a 5-day hunting trip and not be around to read the responses, but I am back now and will pass on this info to SWIS.

SWIS's dreams are for him alone, being the homely mofo that he is, and so he wants them to be as good as they can be.  Therefore, if I am understanding the responses correctly, I should tell him to try a 5gm E, 13gm I, 3gm RP reflux with 5-7 ml's of DH2O for at least 8 hours.  I will tell him to  put the ingredients into his reaction vessel and bring them up to about 150 degrees farenheit for 30 minutes or so, and them slowly increase the temp over the next 15-20 minutes up to 220 degrees farenheit.  He should then let it reflux for the previously mentioned 8 hours or more, and then see what may appear.

Thanks again.  I will report back whatever results SWIS may inform me of.


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11-12-02 11:30
No 379009
      Ratios  Bookmark   

5gm E, 13gm I, 3gm RP reflux

Try 7.5g I, and you should be okay.


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(Hive Bee)
11-12-02 11:31
No 379011
      Ratio's  Bookmark   

Swim always read ratios to bee  > oz
                                1/3 -1
                                < oz
                                1/2 -1
Lab Grade.  Mbrp and nano probably raise it higher
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11-12-02 11:33
No 379012
      Here  Bookmark   


All the info you will ever need.


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11-13-02 07:38
No 379281
      Tube discolorations  Bookmark   

Hello again;

SWIS just popped in to tell me that, after I gave him the info yesterday regarding his long reflux questions, that he started a 6gm Pseudo (HCl), 10 gm I, 3.5gm RP reflux in a round bottom boiling flask set in an oil bath, and hooked up to his handy-dandy home-made Ghetto Blaster condenser, which consists of a piece of aquarium tubing stuck in one-hole stopper, wound around a peice of 1" plastic PVC pipe about 20 times, and then draped over a hook in the cieling and capped off with a party balloon.  After about 18 hours of reflux at ~ 220 degrees(F), he noticed that the bottom portion and first two wraps of the tubing were a reddish purple color, and the rest of the tubing all the way up to the top of the PVC pipe was a yellowish color, starting from the top of the reddish purple color, where it was a dark golden brown, up to the top of the PVC, where is was a thin, yellowish color.  Now SWIS knows that honey is that very same color, and was afraid that perhaps the tubing was absorbing some of his honey that was coming up in the reflux.  Could this be the case?  I will pass on whatever info you bees might have about this phenomenon.



11-13-02 07:51
No 379285
      It must be the I 2 condensing in your tubing.  Bookmark   

It must be the I2 condensing in your tubing.

If Meth.HI crystals were condensing, they would be clear.

The French Canadian Bee
(Hive Bee)
09-27-03 18:28
No 461401
      "a girls best friend" and mine too...  Bookmark   

The girls best friend works O.K. if you use 1-gram Rp(black) for every 1-gram E, and 1.5-grams I2. My friend A.L.F. sez,"But watch out for cats."

callen + A.L.F.
09-30-03 05:19
No 461865
      almost..  Bookmark   

may end up with one gram of unreacted pfed.  go for it! you'll see the light.
(Hive Bee)
09-30-03 05:57
No 461872
      it should bee  Bookmark   

It should bee rsearch grade by now mate! laughlaughlaugh

You could have freezed the rxn and thrown another gram or so of the black shit in.
I wonder if the black stuff on match strikers is black phosphorus?