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11-06-02 04:54
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      Whats up with the PdCl2???  Bookmark   

Swims been looking around TSE for that PdCl2 synth using aqua regia and Pd to produce PdCl2.

Are there any bees who have actually performed the synth who can verify that it actually works?

For some reason, swim couldnt find it over at Rhodiums site.  What gives?

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11-06-02 05:01
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      I removed it as it was a big argument last year ...  Bookmark   

I removed it as it was a big argument last year about that the method was not good... That is, the particular procedure I had online, not the concept of using aqua regia.
11-06-02 14:08
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11-06-02 19:48
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lugh: I uploaded a compilation of your posts to ../rhodium/chemistry /palladium.chloride.txt in raw ASCII format until someone takes the time to write a more comprehensive FAQ on the subject.
11-06-02 22:30
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It does work. to one troy ounce palladium coin is added 100ml nitric acid and 300ml HCl. Stirred occasionally with a glass rod, covered with parafilm. When fizzing stops, decant supernatant, brown chunk o' Pd will be at bottom of beaker. Add 100ml nitric and 300ml hydrochloric acid again. Once fizzing stops, decant. If any solids are left, which a few flakes will probably beeeee, add a little bit more aqua regia. Combine supernatants evaporated with occasional stirring and glass boiling beads. Once all liquid is evaporated, red-brown solid is left on hot plate for about .5hrs. Glass beads are removed and solid is powdered in mortar and pestle. Yield is always around 55-56g.

The author sounds pretty sincere at the bottom

You can doubt me all you want. I could really give a rat's ass if one takes this as credible or not. As long as it works for me. But wait, I thought this was a collective site of credible info.

I don't want to doubt you, I want to believe you, as the other ratios you posted sound pretty common. Can someone verify the pd->pdcl2 method described above?