psytech (Stranger)
11-07-02 16:51
No 377465
      help quick, does MDA freebase float  Bookmark   

SWIM just completed a MDA from Bromosafrole using PTC and an azide intermediate RNX.Their freebase doesnt fall out, does it float,they have this tan mass floating in basic h2o, its not an oil.Ps i have used the FSE
(Chief Bee)
11-07-02 16:55
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      MDA freebase density  Bookmark   

Yes, I think MDA freebase will float on water. Now extract that basic aqueous solution with ether or DCM, dry the pooled organic layers, evaporate the solvent and distill the MDA freebase under vacuum. The boiling point is 80-90C at 0.2mmHg.
(Hive Adickt)
11-07-02 16:57
No 377470
      Ekstract with something (DCM,Toluen wath ever) ...  Bookmark   

Ekstract with something (DCM,Toluen wath ever) then wash repet the A/B wash. Sounds like a not so pure product.
11-07-02 17:06
No 377476
      got it  Bookmark   

Basic solution i being extracted with toulene, has a nice brownish color to it, will re a/b, extract with DMC, distill. tongue
(Stoni's sexual toy)
11-11-02 04:06
No 378670
      All the MDX intermediates and freebases have a ...  Bookmark   

All the MDX intermediates and freebases have a higher density than water!
But since your stuff floated on water containing other stuff it's impossible to say if it will float or not.
Also, impure chems can have a wildly differing density, so this is usually not a reliable test for identity.

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