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11-08-02 06:25
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From my recent experience, propiophenone is hard to find. So is propionyl chloride but propionic acid is no problem. TFSE said I can use propionic acid and polyphosphoric acid and to look up PIHKAL, so I did. This is what I found first;

#71 DOPR

There was added a solution of 74 g 2,5-dimethoxypropiophenone (from the reaction of propionic acid and p-dimethoxybenzene in the presence of polyphosphoric acid, see under DOAM for an effective general procedure) in 140 g EtOH.

Next I found this;
#61 DOAM

A solution of 110 g p-dimethoxybenzene and 102 g valeric acid in 168 g polyphosphoric acid was heated on the steam bath for 3 h, giving a deep red homogeneous solution. This was poured into 1 L H2O with good stirring. The strongly acidic, cloudy suspension was extracted with 3x200 mL CH2Cl2, the extracts pooled, washed with 4x150 mL 5% NaOH, and finally once with dilute HCl. The solvent was removed under vacuum, and the residual amber oil cooled overnight at 0 C. Some 30 g of crystalline, unreacted dimethoxybenzene were removed by filtration, and the 85 g of residual oil distilled at the water pump. Another 15 g of di-methoxybenzene came over as an early cut, but the fraction boil-ing at 184-192 C (mostly 188-192 C) weighed 53.0 g and was reasonably pure 2,5-dimethoxyamylophenone.

Does this mean that I can use an equal mole amount of propionic acid instead of valeric acid?


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11-08-02 06:42
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      Yup, exactly.  Bookmark   

Yup, exactly.
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11-08-02 10:35
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....but are you talking of plain or substituted propiophenone?

Cause i really doubt that plain propiophenone can bee made like thissmile - just in case.

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11-08-02 11:56
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../rhodium/chemistry /acetophenones.html