X_Stacy (Hive Bee)
11-09-02 02:46
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      structure of tolyltriazide  Bookmark   

While walking through the local pool chem store, i noticed a bucket that had "potassium salt of tolyltriazide". I searched the web and tfse and saw a few posts mentioning it, but no msds or structure diagram. Does anyone know the structure of this molecule or a place where i can find the msds?

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(Chief Bee)
11-09-02 04:07
No 377871
      tolyltriazole  Bookmark   

The correct name is tolyltriazole (not tolyltriazide), that's why you had problems finding info in it.
(Hive Prodigy)
11-09-02 04:21
No 377879
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Chemfinder says tolyltriazole looks like this:

(Chief Bee)
11-09-02 09:13
No 377972
      isomers  Bookmark   

Ok, the picture I found via a quick google search lacked the kekule benzene ring structure, so yours is much better.

Also, there are two different tolyltriazole isomers possible - one is the one I posted and the other one looks like yours.