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11-09-02 23:41
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Preperation of amides of lysergic acid, by forming a mixed anhydride of lysergic and sulfuric acids, and then reacting the  mixed anhydride with a nitrogenous base. Room temperature reactions.

Patent US2774763

Apologies for not originally elaborating further immediately. 
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11-10-02 01:45
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It is briefly mentioned in Post 277187 (Stonium: "Re: LSA Merck Entry", Newbee Forum) - but not especially prominently. It would however be very nice if you would give a brief summary of the patent, and describe what interesting features in it made you want to post it here (there are hundreds of LSD-related patents out there, what made this special enough to warrant its own thread here?).
11-10-02 06:54
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From the patent:
My novel process conveniently can be considered as a two step process comprising first the formation of a mixed anhydride of lysergic and sulfuric acids, and second the formation of the desired lysergic acid amide by reacting the mixed anhydride with a nitrogenous base.

The amide of lysergic acid is prepared from the mixed anhydride by reacting the latter compound with a nitrogenous base containing at least one active hydrogen attatched to the nitrogen. The reaction is rapid, completed within a few minutes. Whe less basic amines are employed, it is desirable to allow a reaction period of up to 20 minutes.

For the prep. of the mixed anhydride, lysergic acid or a basic, ie, metallic or metalloid salt thereof, can be employed. For this synth the term 'lysergic acid' includes the isomers of lysergic acid, d-lysergic acid, l-lysergic acid, d-isolysergic acid, and l-isolysergic acid. Also included are acids closely related to lysergic acid, ex.: 5,6-dihydrolysergic acid and is acyl derivitives and 10,11-dihydroisolysergic acid. They lysergic acid compound can be anhydrous or hydrated.

ideas for aquisition of the neccessary sulfur trioxide,
examples and elaborations of the methods expounded above.
(Old P2P Cook)
11-10-02 19:14
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This is an ancient process. It would seem to be of only historical interest. I doubt that SO3 has any advantage over the many other coupling agents.

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11-10-02 19:27
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Historical interest?

i didnt realize it but this method was outlined in Psychedelic Guide to the Preparation of the Eucharist" by Robert Brown. Oh well,  someone might be able to find something useful in the finer print.