cHiLLy (Stranger)
11-10-02 00:30
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      Scopolamine Ext. :Datura Innoxia  Bookmark   

Courtesy Halina Krasowska, Polish Academy of Science, Krakow.

The best yeild of alkaloids was obtained by exraction with 70%EtOh, and the purest product was obtained by extraction with CHCl3. The yeild of scopolamine was 48-72% from seeds, and 28-34% from vegatative parts. Purification of the alkaloids by cation exchange is more satisfactory from dichloroethane soln. in the presence of 1% H2SO4 than from an aqueous acidified extract. Alkaloids were eluted frm the resin by a mixture of iso-PrOH and 10% NH4OH (9:1).
11-16-02 08:43
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      the DEVIL'S WeeD  Bookmark   

Nice job. I didn't think anyone was still into fucking around with belladona. And to think out there fields of jimsonweed are waiting. freezers of spikey pods, and even carving little pseudo-voodoo-dolls out of the Y-shaped root. Casteneda, the good old dreams. When Dreaming about datura and extractions , numbers were never kept, your post is phatty.
11-17-02 18:55
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      Datura: DON'T do it!!!!!  Bookmark   

May I ask  a question? What the hell do you do with atropine? Idrolizing it and re-esterifying it with benzoic acid is useless, since you can't get a cocaine-like anesthetic, for isomerism problems. Years ago, I wanted to extract the alkaloids out of datura stramonium (jimson weed). I lost somewhere the atropine, so I had the doubt I took the right plant. I drank an infusion of a leaf just to make sure it was datura. The effect was bloody strong and horrible. What a bad experience! I remember at a certain stage of the effect I couldn't swallow any more. I wanted to drink some water because I was feeling my skin burning, and I couldn't drink a drop of water. Then I checked on a pharmaceutical medicine book: I had exactly all the symptoms of a strong atropine intoxication. For Christ's sake, don't do that experience! It is completely different from speed or any hallucinogenic drug. Taken for recreational or entheogenic use, is just poison, not a drug! Don't do it, it makes you feel very bad.
(Hive Bee)
11-18-02 12:11
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      Scopolamine  Bookmark   

Is also considered a "truth drug", much like sodium pentathol.  Anyone with experiences of either please post as I have at times considered aquiring some.  However from what I hear this is some pretty nasty stuff to be used cautiously and with extreme caution if under the pretense of recreation.

(Hive Adickt)
11-18-02 17:19
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      atropine  Bookmark   

Sound's like I newer will get use of my 5g atropinecrazy
(I'm Yust a Typo)
11-18-02 18:08
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      IIRC the best truth drug is sustained isolation, ...  Bookmark   

IIRC the best truth drug is sustained isolation, in combination with sleep deprivation.

When all you've got is a nailgun, every problem looks like a messiah...
(Chief Bee)
11-18-02 20:05
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      Isolation cell? Yes, but only if you don't disturb  Bookmark   

I've never understood the thing with isolation being some kund of punishment... Just give me stuff to read and a notebook, and I won't notice I'm in isolation. It happened all the time before I met Fractal when I didn't have to go to any classes, that I had a 32-hour circadian rythm (awake for 24h, and slept for 12h) while reading books and articles constantly until I ran out of food and had to venture outside after a week or so. I also unplugged the phone, as people kept calling every other day to see if I was all right (I couldn't answer "Yes, I was fine until you called", so instead of lying I never answered in the first place wink).
(I'm Yust a Typo)
11-18-02 20:29
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      Oh, I could get used to isolation.  Bookmark   

Oh, I could get used to isolation. But not to boredom. And I guess they won't give you something to read (let alone a notebook) in a hezbollah prison.

When all you've got is a nailgun, every problem looks like a messiah...
11-20-02 07:56
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      I wouldnt be so hasty to discount the chemical.  Bookmark   

I wouldnt be so hasty to discount the chemical. it has its uses if its used properly.
Rhodium! my sleep cycle is exactly the same way .. I wonder what such a sleep cycle is an indication of.
11-20-02 15:53
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      sleep cycles and the human morphic field:  Bookmark   

slight topic drift aside;

beeing 'off-schedule' with the normal populace is a way to 'escape' from the overwhelming 'flow' of opinions that are awake and quite active.

odds of stumbling on the 'new' are improved when beeing 'out of phase' with the major mass of quantum human influence.

(there was a 'spiritual' commune in the boston area during the 1960's...headed by a charismatic 'avatar'...who used to bee in the 'jim kweskin jug band, btw...and they arranged their wake/sleep patterns with the purposely stay out of the gravity of normal human 'flow')

some of us just do this without thinking about it.
predictable patterns is what makes prey available to predator.
(Hive Bee)
11-25-02 12:21
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      First, there's more alkaloids and other active ...  Bookmark   

First, there's more alkaloids and other active components in that plant. Also the amounts are so high that it's used as a medicine as such, no need for extraction, right?

Isolation isn't IMHO that bad, if you don't think about it. Personally I don't like the idea of not having a diverse range of activity. I used to do what Rhodium described also. Now I just think that a little bit of social activity is good because of the fact that you can't predict what's going to happen next if you're with some other people. On the other hand, the opposite is just as horrible, the opposite of isolation, never having any privicy.

I once ate 10 pulverized D. stramonium seeds, I fell a sleep for a brief time and woke up not remembering any dreams, I was disappointed.

11-27-02 11:48
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      matter  Bookmark   

Well, some people dislike eating so much plant matter for one reason or another. If nothing else it is do it yourself cheap motion sickness medicine.  Scopolamine is used for parkinsons patients as well, to help wih brain chemical imbalances.
Scopolamine also increases your pupil size.