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Potassium nitrate
Potassium chlorate
Potassium perchlorate
Ammonium Perchlorate
Barium nitrate
Barium chlorate
Strontium nitrate

Fuels (reducing agents):
Antimony sulfide
Red Gum
Polyvinyl chloride

Special Effects:

Red flame; Strontium nitrate, Strontium carbonate
Green flame; Barium nitrate, Barium chlorate
Blue flame; Copper carbonate, copper sulfate, commer oxide
Yellow flame; sodium oxalate, Na3AlF6 (cryolite)
White flame; Mg, Al
Gold sparks; iron fillings, charcoal
White sparks; Al, Mg, Al/Mg alloy, titanium
Whistle effects; Potassium benzoate or sodium salicylate
White somke; mixture of potassium chlorate, S and organic dye

Reference: Chermistry Fifth Edition (Zumdahl) p: 305

(hexamethylenetetramine, methenamine) [C6H12N4] White powder

Used as an accessory fuel often in blue star compositions

Methylene Chloride

(dichloromethane) [CH2Cl2] Clear liquid

Solvent for PVC; used in solvent bonding plastic shell halves together.



[(-CF2CF2-)n) ] (poly(tetrafluoroethylene); PTFE; poly(ethylene tetrafluoride); tetrafluoroethene polymer; terafluoroethylene homopolymer) White powder

Used in fuel and sometimes as an oxidizer, commonly in military compositions such as flares. CAUTION: extremely reactive when mixed with fine metal powders.
Oxalic Acid

[C2H2O4] White, granular powder

Used in making metal oxalates.


[C8H10] Clear liquid, ACS grade

Solvent for parlon, saran, etc. Also used to solvent-bond plastic shell halves.
Zinc Oxide

[ZnO] White powder

Used in smoke compositions and as a pyro-adhesive.
Zinc Powder

[Zn] Gray powder

A fuel used in fireworks to make spreader stars, smoke, and in rockets to make a low specific impulse propellant.

Ammonium Dichromate

[(NH4)2Cr2O4] Orange granular


Barium Chromate

[BaCrO4] Yellow powder

Oxidizer used in delay compositions, primarily in rockets.

Boric Acid

[H3BO3] White powder

Used to suppress the reaction of aluminum to water in compositions.

Cab-O-Sil ™

Fumed silica, colloidal silica. [SiO2] Fluffy white powder, Cabot M-5

Used as an anti-caking agent to retard water absorbtion by hygroscopic chemicals and to make chemicals flow more freely. Sometimes used in flash powders. [For you acid chemists that use chromathography, this is a must]
Copper (II) Acetate

(cupric acetate) [Cu(C2H3O2)2•H2O] Dark green crystalline powder

Can be dissolved in alcohol and used to produce blue flame in colored lampares (aerial fireburst shells), or in liquid fire mines.

Oxidizer used in volcanoes, sometimes used as a burn rate catalyst in propellant formulas (such as those based on ammonium nitrate).

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Does this have anything remotely to do with psychoactives? There are other forums for stuff like this.

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Alltho the are not drugs themself, they can be useful in drug-manufacture. it was mostly ment so that ppl know what to say when ordering chemicals from chem suppliers so that it don't sound very suspicipous. For exemple instead of "1 kg hexamine plz" "I need accsory fuel for blue star composition, maybe hexamine?" or something like that... it worked for swim...

A friend actually tried to purchase hexamine from a small chem company where we live, the guy asked him "How old are you?" "What are you need it for, you can maybe use something else", he didn't know what it's used for (besides for manufacture of methylamine) so he hung up. Swim called agine couple of weeks later and ordered hexamine saying that it's about to be used in fireworx manufacture and giving the details, the guy not only agreed he also asked if swim wants something alse wink

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