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11-11-02 01:35
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      Air powered aspirator question  Bookmark   

I found these beautiful aspirator, but there wasnīt named how good a vacuum these can pull. So I ask myself how good can such a device be - alone from the physics behind? I got no answer at a quick search and as perhaps somebody can use the technical drawing anyways - I post.

beautiful tekk porn, isnīt it?

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11-11-02 04:43
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      Venturi...  Bookmark   

I believe an aspirator that runs on air is known as a venturi(I could be wrong), I think Bozakium or someone else mentioned these a long time ago.  I think they are really loud or something, but that blue print is nice maybe Rhodium will add it to his page...  Do you have a link where you found it...?

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11-11-02 14:41
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      Those are EXTREMLEY loud.  Bookmark   

Those are EXTREMLEY loud. Mine can pull only to ~75mm HG...

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11-11-02 22:03
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      Link lost  Bookmark   

I lost the link, sorry. Deep in the dark parts of memories it whispers this may have been a part of a SIEMENS compact air/vacuum device, but donīt nail me on this...

I like the pic & drawing too, so as I rediscovered them on a old backup CD...


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11-12-02 17:58
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      Also that kind of device uses ALOT of air, around ...  Bookmark   

Also that kind of device uses ALOT of air, around ~5 CFM @ 90psi, i think....

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11-12-02 18:07
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      I wonder  Bookmark   

Can you use water instead of air in one of these air-driven aspirators?


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11-12-02 18:34
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      Nope, the air orficace is too small.  Bookmark   

Nope, the air orficace is too small. It will just spray out the water in the mist (i know iknow i had too try smile)

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11-13-02 04:27
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      use with water, yes if  Bookmark   

it should be possible to use it with water if you apply an wider nozzle. Anybody can tell how wide usually the nozzle of an aspirator is? I donīt have one around.

But with some adaptions this might be a nice plan for a DIY aspirator?
A larger copy of the drawing can be found at:


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11-16-02 01:34
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      3mm aperture on water aspirator  Bookmark   

The aperture on the nozzle of metwurst's aspirator is 3mm (1/8 inch).
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11-16-02 11:53
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      3mm aperture...  Bookmark   

thanks metwurst (I like the name!).

helped me.


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11-17-02 09:59
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      Perfect for vacuum filtering  Bookmark   

From the 1960's till around 1980, air powered aspirators were standard equipment in garages and service stations that serviced auto air conditioners in the US.
(Can't say if this is true for other parts of the world)
 Due to manditory recycling of freons, they are pretty much obsolete, now.
 I picked one up for $5.oo at an old garage, took it home and tore apart the sheet metal housing to find a block of aluminum with three holes machined in it, pretty much identical to the mechanical drawing shown.
 I dug in my box of old plumbing fittings (everyone has such a box, right :-) ? and found a brass needle type valve to give fine control the amount of air going into the device. On the outlet end, I screwed in a barbed fitting that allowed a 1/2" garden hose (about 6ft in length) to be slipped on. The female end of the garden hose was a good fit for a 3/4" lawn mower muffler to screw in. This reduced the noise level by 80% or so.
 (Yes, they are loud !! )
 A small , barbed fitting was screwed into the suction hole and some braided clear plastic line slipped on to run to a filter flask.
 This has proved to be the best source of vacuum yet found for vacuum filtering.
 One can open the needle valve, slightly and get just the right amount of suction to hold wet paper to the buchner. As filtering proceeds, one can open the air inlet valve, slowly, to get more vacuum in the flask, in the event that the paper begins to stop up.
 The outlet (muffler end) of the hose is thrown to the back of the paint spay booth, cum, fume hood, so any flamable, stinky fumes go outside.
 Never tried to use it as a distillation vacuum source.
 IMHO, the vacuum would vary too much, not to mention the cost to run the compressor for long periods, noise, etc.
 I could be wrong on that ?
 I've been wrong before.
 Occurs to me that the outlet hose could be stuffed to the bottom of a barrel of water or kitty litter to absorb odors, if needed ?
 With the air inlet valve turned wide open, it pulls about 28"Hg on my air conditioning gauge, also, it keeps a 5 Hp air compressor running about 50% of the time. ( Sorry, thats not very precise :>( 

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11-17-02 11:15
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      that purty  Bookmark   

that's real purty - butisn't it pricy?

get a plastic version for draining things (fish tanks, waterbeds, etc.) for cheap. i found one in the dumpster behind pet fart.

if one won't suck it up use two or more. cold water works better than warm. or use a closed recycling system with a bucket/pump closed recirculating system. pumps needs to be a bit on the serious side- probably 200gpm or mo.

alos Journal of Chemical Education details making one. (online with search engine)