majic22 (Newbee)
11-11-02 19:43
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      5-meo-dipt questions  Bookmark   

i have about blown up the search engine trying to find answers to my questions about this stuff.  but it seemed like every post i read said exactly the opposite of the last so im more confused now then before because so many peoples answers differed so i will just start my own thread.. 
1. first this stuff still legal?
2. is it safe to buy it or will the cops be on your ass?
3. Ive found a place that claims to sell it......are those websites setups?  (working with the dea or something?)
4. Is there a more "user friendly/easier" (pardon the pun
wink) synthesis for this stuff than in TIKAL?
5. and lastly, could someone that knows of one please send me a pm with a source to buy the stuff?  the only one i could find was very expensive. and it wouldnt be considered a "source" since its possibly legal right?  if im wrong then just forget about the pm.  thanks so much bees

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11-11-02 22:10
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(Will work for title)
11-12-02 10:50
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      No...  Bookmark   

...fucking sources.  <~~ that's a period!

Whether it be legal, or especially illegal.  Read the above link, and it will tell you everything from legal status to doseage requirements...


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11-12-02 11:53
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      5-Meo-DiPT solubility  Bookmark   

I need to know the solubility of 5-MeO-DiPT (HCl) in water or EtOH, (mg/mL), at 25C (298 K). Enyone knows? I can't find it out since I don't have any crystals at the time.

Anyone knows, please post in that case...

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11-12-02 15:33
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      Would Post 311980 be helpful?  Bookmark   

Would Post 311980 (Lem2: "solubility?", General Discourse) be helpful?
(Hive Bee)
11-12-02 17:31
No 379104
      tnx rhod  Bookmark   

But it still dosen't give me any idea of the maximum amount of the material in question that can be dissolved in water or EtOH under RT. But yes the post was helpful in it's own way ;).

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11-12-02 19:04
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      I doubt someone has determined the maximum ...  Bookmark   

I doubt someone has determined the maximum solubility of it in different solvents at a certain temperature. That is only done on common chemicals.
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11-12-02 19:07
No 379146
      yeah i know  Bookmark   

but i still hoped that maybe some bee did it, I certanly will when i dream of it... it's a useful fact, at least for my purpose..

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11-25-02 09:37
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      re: Foxy  Bookmark   

I run a board for enthusiasts of legal research chems such as 5-MeO-DiPT and other things that came out of Dr. Shulgin's basement.

As for the online suppliers, some are scams, and some are not. The DEA will not fuck with anyone ordering a gram of foxy from a website... but if you order 100 grams it might be a different story...
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11-25-02 12:06
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      Foxy is good stuff. Safe as a lamb.  Bookmark   

Foxy is good stuff. Safe as a lamb. Makes you feel good. I'd recommend trying it.

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