Rhodium (Chief Bee)
11-12-02 15:31
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This article on how to prepare MDP2P from Bromosafrole was posted by lugh a long time ago, but nobody seemed to grasp its significance. The yield is up to 90%, and the needed reagent is 2-nitropropane, which is not watched and also dirt cheap ($15/kg).

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(Hive Adickt)
11-12-02 15:51
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But bee aware that 2-nitropropan is extremly carcinogenic.
(Chief Bee)
11-12-02 16:07
No 379078
      2-nitropropene should neither be an impurity in ...  Bookmark   

2-nitropropene should neither be an impurity in the starting material or a product in the reaction. Do you have a different opinion?
(Hive Bee)
11-12-02 16:07
No 379081
      But Rhodium is talking about 2-nitroprop a ne, ...  Bookmark   

But Rhodium is talking about 2-nitropropane, not 2-nitropropene.

Catalytic hydrogenation freak
(Hive Adickt)
11-12-02 17:30
No 379103
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It was just ment as a general warning. Nito- methane, ethane and propane is almost non toxic, but 2-nitropropan is for some reason werry caracinogenic. So you have to doo the condensation with the aldehyde with much more care than usual, that's all. Nice synth by the way.