DrJackson (Stranger)
11-15-02 20:15
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examining something... how would one go about extracting malic acid? SWIM never really thought about it beofre because there was never really a use, but it could come in handy soon, and so it would be nice to know.
(Hive Bee)
11-15-02 20:52
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Do you mean mandelic acid or maleic acid (German: maleinsaeure)? Never heard before "malic acid".
(Chief Bee)
11-15-02 22:38
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Post 286075 (Rhodium: "malate & maleate", Stimulants)

Malic acid is 'apfelsäure' (DL-2-hydroxy-butanedioic acid).

(Hive Addict)
11-15-02 22:53
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afaik the correct term is "äpfelsäure".
(äpfel=plural of apfel)
this is consistent with "zitronensäure".

edit: bullshit, both names are correct. google first, post later tongue
(Hive Bee)
11-16-02 09:57
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Thank you for the explanation. Is this a useful compound in clandestine chemistry?
(Chief Bee)
11-16-02 10:15
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Not to my knowledge...
11-16-02 19:02
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Malic acid can be bought from brew suppliers. Just use the phone directory for your region and use the index for brew suppliers/shops.

they have other things at these places if you go there, really useful things for amatuer chemistry, little and big.
11-18-02 19:12
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After driving up and down to every health food store in the area, SWIM returned with a wide variety of organic foods, but no malic acid. Tomorrow, he will take a trip to the brewery store, and hopefully have more luck.