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11-15-02 23:52
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Ladies and gentlemen!

Let me proudly introduce to you another story from Zealot’s dream collection.

While there’s 6 steps in the synthesis, its longitude is explained by the fact that all the precursors and even some reagents are made from scratch, employing user-friendly techniques and equipment (in fact, a need for vacuum is mentioned only once, and even that is for the removal of solvent); as well as only easy-to-get reactants.

Study please Russian

Most difficult 1 step.
Phenylaminoacotonitrile HCl
Dissolve 30 g KCN and 25 NH4Cl in possible small quantity of water. Then add 50 g benzaldehyde
 and methanol that all aldehyde has passed in a solution.
Very soon there is a turbidity rm, and in half an hour is formed amuls.
Through 2-3 ÷ the reaction comes to an end — at the bottom flask the heavy yellow oil is allocated.
Product of reaction take by an ether, wash out by water and after evaporation ether, add by 10% hydrochloric acid.
Insignificant part of oil, not dissolve in a hydrochloric acid, extracted by an ether.From a sour water solution at slow evaporation the well formed crystals HCl.
Them separate, filtrat concentrated  by evaporation and receive a little more crystals.Yield 45-53 g.

Step 2
50 g Phenylaminoacotonitrile dissolve in 300 Ml water. Heat to 70-80 and small portions add to a mix 20 g (19,4g - teor.) cianat sodium.After 4-5 hours of continuous heating the mix We haven two layers.After stop within night at room temperature the product of reaction crystallizes. Separated  on a funnel in vacuum, wash out by ice water and probably dry on a funnel. For clearing the product is possible recristalisation from ethylacetat or butylacetat.
Yield 47g (91 % teor.).
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11-16-02 04:10
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Indeed, Zealot has posted a completely mind-blowing (chemically speaking) ketamine synth on HyperLab.

Too bad that mr. Hellowin cared to translate only the 1st step of six and for the rest resingned to advising everyone to learn Russianlaughlaughlaugh

I guess we'll have to fix that soonsmile

Dear Hellowin, where's the fucking rest of the synthesis?wink