TreSprit (Stranger)
11-18-02 16:51
No 380704
      GBL from grafitti removers  Bookmark   

Dont they sell GBL pure in grafitti removers ?

Chemical Generation
(Hive Bee)
11-18-02 18:46
No 380764
      That's funny  Bookmark   

I saw a can the other day just laying around at a city rail line
(Chief Bee)
11-18-02 20:09
No 380802
      It is seldom pure, but very many of the grafitti ...  Bookmark   

It is seldom pure, but very many of the grafitti removers contain 30-70% GBL.
(Hive Bee)
11-18-02 20:14
No 380807
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there is also GBL present in the products used to cleen public toilets, its mostly GBL-EtOH according to a newspaper, some people (mostly youngsters and heavy dopefiends) are actually drinking the product.

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11-18-02 21:51
No 380832
      other sources  Bookmark   

There are still a couple brands of furniture stripper available that contain GBL.

Where would one go about getting graffiti remover?

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(Hive Bee)
11-18-02 21:58
No 380836
      Getting GBL.  Bookmark   

Most large hardware stores carry it. They won't ask, but if they do just say some kids spray painted your car window, or something. I once had a job where I often had to clean graff off things. I've seen graff remover in regular spray cans, and gallon jugs.

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11-21-02 00:09
No 381680
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Or just go create a company and have a valid reason for its usage and you can buy it legitly from just about anywhere with your business license.
and it's 99.98% pure.

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11-21-02 00:58
No 381694
      aceotrope mix?  Bookmark   

Could it be destilled easy
11-23-02 00:35
No 382405
      Unfortunatly they just had a big internet sting ...  Bookmark   

Unfortunatly they just had a big internet sting here in the US, and arrested several individuals who purchased GBL on the internet in what everyone says is legit cleaners and such, but I know several persons in NY that are not appreciating it..I wonder if they get wise to these things because people who use legit methods to get supplies get busted and don't dispose of containers properly....