catwoman4965 (Stranger)
11-18-02 19:59
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Why does an ester not react with PCl 5 or PCl 3?
the ester being ethyl ethanoate.
When PCl 5 is reacted with a an alcohol, does it produce
CO 2?
And last question, do aldehydes, ketones, carboyxlic acids and alcohols mix with water?
Many thanks
Sara C
11-18-02 20:42
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1) Because the mechanism is via a mixed anhydride?
2) No, why? phosphoric acid + alkylchloride are the final products
3) some do, some don't...
(Hive Bee)
11-18-02 21:52
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I think you mean the mechanism beween a carboxylic acid and a phosphorous halide is a mixed anhydride mechanism.
But what about a metathesis reaction with an alcohol and a phosphorous halide that's Sn2? right?