11-18-02 20:37
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Hi bees, just had to show you this, its all the maths behind making an aspirator!(the bernoulli principle)
the gentleman who appears on this page actually made a tap powered aspirator that crushed a 55 gal drum!!(a force of 13 tons required on the walls of the drum and a drop to about 40% of atmospheric pressure!). Just watch the video if you dont believe

amusing video:
un-amusing mathematics:
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11-18-02 21:47
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I never understood why people always refer to it as the bernoulli principle around here.  I've never heard anyone in a classroom environment refer to how an aspirator works as this, but instead they refer to the thermodynamics of a nozzle to explain how it works.  I think I wrote something back in the day about all the equations that were involved, but I don't feel like digging for the search engine for it right now. 

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