Anxiety (Hive Bee)
11-19-02 11:34
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      Who here has synthed DMT? What route and yeilds?  Bookmark   

I want to make a lot of DMT. Help me.

When was the last success post of a DMT synthesis. I've been UTFSEing for hours and I've found only several claims of sucessful dreams. There was Krz, from way back, who claimed success. But some bees suspected he was lying about some things. Then there was RDXHMX who claimed sucess with a synth involving MeI, but Rhodium said it was BS. Who here has synthesized DMT? What route did you use and what where your yeilds? Krz's method seems like the simplest way by far, but but I'm worried about cyanide contamination in the DMT. That's not a thought you want to have on your mind when you take a hit. I thought Shulgin's synthesis from tryptamine and ethyl formate seems like my best option. But than I read Post 33940 (Lilienthal: "Re: Tryptamine-> DMT via formamide", Tryptamine Chemistry). I want to graduate from mimosa extractions.     
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11-19-02 11:53
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It seems to me you didn't really UTFSE, since not so long ago Chimimanie posted great write-up on DMT synthesis. Here it is Post 380306 (Chimimanie: "New route to DMT & 5-MeO-DMT", Tryptamine Chemistry).

Life without chemistry would be a mistake.
11-20-02 04:43
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Search for:
- phenylhydrazine / dimethylamino-butyraldehde acetal
- indole / dimethyl-glyoxylamide / LAH
- tryptophol / indolyl-ethyl-bromide
These are reliable routes.
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11-20-02 04:48
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I think he was looking to speak to someone with personal experience, rather than reading a journal writeup. KrZ's procedure also looks good if you look at the following:

Post 332811 (Rhodium: "It works!", Tryptamine Chemistry)

but who knows unless you have actually tried it?

There is nothing better than to hear from somebody that has actually done something themselves.

I think that is what Anxiety is looking for.

I, like he have used the search engine for hours looking for *corroborated* procedures between hive experimenters, but with little success.

oops.... you got there before me Lillenthal -- thanks