Xicori (Stranger)
11-19-02 20:56
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      Pyridine to Piperidine (electrochemical)  Bookmark   


has anybee information about the electrochemical reduction of pyridine to piperidine?

any writeups?

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11-20-02 00:52
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      http://www.ibiblio.org/patents/class/CLASS205.  Bookmark   


The hardest thing to explain is the obvious
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11-20-02 11:07
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      electrosintez piperidine  Bookmark   

I made electrosynthesis piperidine of pyridine.
This expedient is tested many times and works very good!

See: Post 366798 (fallen_Angel: "Ёлектросинтез пиперидина", Russian HyperLab)
The lead plate are made of clean lead.
The diaphragm is made of glass tissue and is glued by a liquid silica glass. It is little bit more, than lead plate. Then the diaphragm is acidized and is washed by water. At pouring in not Є of water, the water should drip very much slowly, 1-5 drips one minute
The plates wash by hydrogen nitrate.
On 1 liter of electrolyte for lead accumulators takes 100 mls of pyridine, the plates alight and the current is included. A current intensity 10-15 amperes of \100 centimeters2, (+) and (-) change places, and then in 5 minutes again vary. It is necessary for an enhancement of activity of plates. In diaphragm the plate is (+). After a gear transmission 800 amperes*clocks on each 100 mls of pyridine, mass evolves into a flask and is neutralized NaOH up to pH~11-12 of response. Then the equal water volume is added and is distilled off 500-700 mls on taken 100 mls of pyridine. Then distillate title concentrated HCL strictly up to pH=9-10 (decolourization of phenolphthalein), and distil off unreacted pyridine. A solution volatilize up to volume 200 mls on each 1 of the mol spent acid, and at once will utillize in synthesis PCP (add 1 mol KCN and 0,9 mol of cyclohexanone on 1 mol of spent acid). It is possible to bleed and clean chloride of piperidine, vapouring a solution.

Yield of piperidine 50 %, from 1 liter of pyridine - > 0,6 liters of piperidine (6 mol of chloride).

1. The lead should be very clean.
2. All reagents do not owe содержатьдаже a tramp iron or other metals.
3. The reactionary vessel should be chilled - to put in a basin with cool water.

You can use electrical power unit for the accumulator or device for welding for this synthesis - it is depends on quantity of materials, which one you will use.

11-20-02 18:34
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      thanks, fallen angel, that pushes me forward a ...  Bookmark   

thanks, fallen angel, that pushes me forward a lot!

please can you describe the diaphragm a bit more, i didnіt get that completely... thank you!

...xicori is completely new on electrosynthesis :)


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11-21-02 01:14
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      Do you mean fiberglass by glass tissue?  Bookmark   

Do you mean fiberglass by glass tissue?
(HyperLab Bee)
11-21-02 07:50
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      Diaphragm  Bookmark   

I am speak English not very good .

Certainly, this is glass-fibre.

Diaphragm by the size 2 cms * 15 cms * 30 cms. Is made of several beds of glass-fibre and is glued by a liquid silica glass. It is good works in acids and organic solvents, but is labile in alkali. In it the plate seats (+).