emulsion (Hive Bee)
11-20-02 03:56
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yes swim used tfse under a lot of terms but all the post were a year old. just wondering since swim has bought a truck load of chems(no joke a TRUCK) from chem suppliers including NaBH3CN, sassy, 12L three necked rbf, and other so called watched chems with no problems. should he push his luck with p-benzoquinone? or is there any up to date watched list he can refer to I.E. after sep 11? he loves his home (the hive)it's been a while over a year since he was here. let the flameing begin, give him some sugar baby

(Hive Bee)
11-20-02 04:38
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wowa! bee careful!

If the DEA isnt already crawlin up ur ass condsider yourself lucky!

Ever consider using some of the OTC methods? You could get yields of 60% from oil-->product if you have good lab technique!

Sink or SWIM
11-20-02 05:31
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P-benzo is kinda watched now. there's a thread in law and order(check under my user name) about it. you could always try to synth your p-benzo from hydroquinone. That's swim's current project. Just bee careful.

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(Hive Addict)
11-20-02 06:16
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Or one could convert saff to isosaff and then convert it to MDP-2-P via performic or peracetic.

A friend with speed is a friend indeed
11-20-02 07:26
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With all else you have acquired why not try the O2 wacker. Just takes access to O2 source. The Spiceboy KRV is easy to assemble. Get you away from the p-benzo karma deal.
Just so you know though p-benzo can be had but the dealers are more likely to call you back and confirm the delivery address and ask about end use. So bee prepared to hang it out there when and if you order.

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11-20-02 08:16
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With all of your other purchases I would think that it will make little difference; and you should just go ahead and order a truckload, because chances are if you did indeed order a truckload of these other materials, and you need to ask this question in the open forum, then you should go ahead and try to do the wacker before you get raided.tongue