Aurelius (Hive Bee)
11-21-02 15:37
No 381970

What factors contribute to the ease of a decarboxylation by heat?  (as in Ritter's decarboxylation in high bp ketones)  how easy would it be to decarboxylate the product in the first step of
../rhodium/chemistry /alpha-methylhydrocinnamic.html    ?
(Chief Bee)
11-21-02 19:42
No 382089
      Decarboxylation of alpha-methyl-cinnamic acid
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alpha-methyl-cinnamic acid -> cis-propenylbenzene (Reflux, Quinoline, Copper powder)

J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans. 1, 10, 2491-2498 (1982)

alpha-methyl-cinnamic acid -> 2-bromo-propenylbenzene (NaBr, Oxone, Na2CO3(aq), 20C)

../rhodium/pdf /cinnamic.halodecarboxylation.pdf
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11-21-02 21:14
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Hey Rhodium, it's horrible that you will never fully understand the gratitude aurelius has for you.  thanks again!!!smile
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11-21-02 21:33
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      I'd be very glad if you could send your results ...     

I'd be very glad if you could send your results back to me with a full writeup. smile I don't lack literature and information, but I severely lack time and possibility to perform all the practical experiments I'd like to perform.
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12-02-02 23:58
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      Aurelius: Here you go with another article - ...
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Aurelius: Here you go with another article - ../rhodium/pdf /cinnamic.oxidative.carboxylation.pdf
11-17-03 02:49
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      cinnamic acid     

Speaking about cinnamic acid derivatives, I've seen in Synthesis or Syntlett, route to nitrostyrenes from cinnamic acids + 15% HNO3 and T of -30 - 0 Celsius + MW from domestic owen, reaction gave excellent yields of nitrostyrenes.
(Chief Bee)
11-17-03 04:57
No 471359
      more details?     

Nice, but could you post the actual citation for that article? (Thieme's site includes a search engine if you lack any notes)
11-17-03 07:50
No 471382

I'll get it, I have the off-line copy at my mums place and I don't know more that that. However, at a bit higher temperatures 0 < T, the nitration takes place also on the ring, but at -30 it dosen't, at even higher temperatures the explosive picric acid (spellcheck) is a byproduct.
(Synaptic Self-Mutilator)
11-18-03 09:41
No 471598
      Couldn't find it     

I did a quick search on thieme, but couldn't find it... looking for the keywords, nitrostyrene, nitric or microwave or combinations thereof.