wacko_reaco (Hive Bee)
11-24-02 08:38
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Would citric acid convert to percitric with peroxide, would this make a meaningful alternative to acetic or formic or would it be too unstable, would the formed glycol dehydrate meaningfully.
Any ideas

wacka wacka wacka
(Chief Bee)
11-24-02 10:55
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I have never heard of percitric acid being used for anything, only perphtalic and perbenzoic acids besides the ordinary performic/peracetic straight-chain acids. Why do you ask?
(Hive Bee)
11-24-02 11:01
No 382780
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If you are really serious about investigating possible substituents for performic or peracetic acid, there are a couple of articles to read before you start wasting energy:

- Organic Reactions Volume VII (1953). Daniel Swern, Chapter 7: Epoxidation and hydroxylation of ethylenic compounds with organic peracids, pp 379-433.
- The Chemistry of Functional Groups, Peroxides (1983). Edited by Saul Patai.

There is a good Chemical Reviews article on Rh's site as well. I don't think that citric acid would work well. I think there are quite somewhat intramolecular forces that stabilize the citric acid molecule.

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