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11-25-02 19:26
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i was reading about a procedure to convert cellulose into glucitol (sorbital)

Step 1 is a reductive depolymerization of carbohydrate biopolymers. Cellulose is simultaneously hydrolysed in dilute acid and catalytically hydrogenated to glucitol (commonly named sorbitol) in near quantitative yields. Hemicellulose is similarly converted into zylitol and sorbitol. Lignin, if present, is simply removed by filtration after the reaction

Anyone shed a light on whats needed to be done in this first step..... ? doesn't need to be perfect.. just good enuff for nosy chem suppliers :-)

all will become clear if you read the paper's next step :-)

the hydrogenation is that CTH or High pressure hydrogenation.

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